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Tom Siedenbuehl

Tom Siedenbuehl is a candidate for the 6th Congressional District of Pennsylvania.

Tom is a unique candidate who has led a life of service to country and community. 

Born and raised in Germany, Tom became an American citizen because of his love for our country and his deep abiding faith in the principles upon which the United States of America was founded.

During his long career as an airline captain, Tom and his wife Cornelia, along with their twin boys, spent their vacations on an idyllic five acre wooded property they purchased in the Chester Country countryside.  It was during these times that the Siedenbuehl family established lasting relationships with their neighbors and their community.

It was Tom’s and Cornelia’s dream to one day become citizens of our great country and to fully participate in the American dream. 

Since his naturalization ceremony, Tom has worked with many local constituencies as a Township Manager for West Caln Township, a school board member for the Coatesville Area School District and a Committeeman for the Republican Committee of Chester County.

Over the years Tom has also served on many civic and international boards, as the Chairman of the German-American Coalition, Director of the German-American Heritage Foundation of the United States, as a leading member of the Global Cargo Pilots Alliance Steering Committee, as a Spokesman for the German Airline Pilots Association, and as Chairman of the Lufthansa Cargo Council.

Thomas was also recognized by the United States House of Representatives for his work helping members of Congress establish the House German American Caucus. 

In 2006, he was a featured speaker at the University of Pennsylvania on the topic of worker participation in the German economy, and as a presenter at the Pennsylvania Bar Institute on “Globalization Pitfalls”.

Tom and Cornelia love participating in the pantry program for the needy at Sandy Hill Community Church as well as rescuing animals in need.  Tom is an avid Harley Davidson owner who enjoys riding in the rolling hills of Southeastern PA. 

One of Tom’s heroes is Frederick Augustus Muhlenberg who was elected Speaker of the Pennsylvania General Assembly in1780-1783, and who presided over Pennsylvania’s Convention to Ratify the U.S. Constitution. Muhlenberg was elected the first Speaker of the US House of Representatives and was the first signer of the Bill of Rights.