During the Economic Recession that began in 2007 and the destructive collapse of the US housing market, many Americans were left without resources to pick up the pieces of their financial lives.

Burdensome regulations and business taxes were hampering small business owners, corporations, and farmers from regaining their footing during the worst economic recovery since the Great Depression. Consumer confidence was steadily eroding and it felt like the economy would never recover.

Fast forward to today!

We find ourselves participating in a robust and thriving economy. Americans are more positive than ever about their financial futures, and we are once again the most prosperous nation on the earth.

In 2016, the President and the Republican-controlled Congress began the process of cutting the tax burden on the individuals and businesses who pay taxes. Companies, both large and small, began hiring more people, investing in the their own growth and increasing wages.

Our country is now the largest exporter of energy in the world when you add together all the types of energy produced by the US.

We are able to power our own economy, and safeguard our national security, by producing more energy than we need.  Also we can offer our allies some comfort in knowing that they will not be at the mercy of middle east oil monopolies or ruthless dictators when looking to satisfy their energy needs.

America was able to achieve energy independence efficiently and quickly by eliminating outdated regulations and unleashing the might of the American energy worker.

When our economy supports the power of our people to innovate, we create the conditions in which our people thrive.

Unfortunately, over the past two years many in Congress have talked down the progress we have made.  Many have even attributed today’s booming economy to the previous President, but instinctively most Americans know that this is not true.

In fact, if it weren’t for the tax legislation passed by the President and a Republican Congress starting in 2016 to help jump start growth, we would still be the victims of a sluggish, low-wage economy.

Today, our political discourse finds the Democrat leadership constantly disparaging the huge gains the American people have made by attacking our free market system and pushing Socialist policies.

The people of the 6th district are a diverse and enterprising group, and we cannot continue to allow the “Do-Nothings” that currently control the House of Representatives to undermine our nation’s economic progress with cynicism and derision, while they continue to promote the ever-expanding growth of government, job killing taxes and burdensome regulation.

The people of the 6th District have right to expect more from their members of Congress and that is why I am running.