The crisis on our southern border is exploding.  It requires immediate attention from Congress in order to keep our country secure and to resolve the humanitarian crisis on our border.

We are part of a global economy with a shared production process and a shifting workforce.  Currently, our immigration system is a random process, mainly based on chain migration and outdated systems that are difficult to navigate. 

We may not realize it, but the broken immigration system affects many of our fellow citizens every single day.

Many international companies are headquartered in the 6th District. Our small businesses, along with our farmers, are crying out for help with the burdensome and chaotic immigration system which has them competing for qualified workers.

Without immigration reform, our job creators will not be able to grow their companies or satisfy the year round demand for both skilled and un-skilled labor.  If we don’t improve the system we will not be able to insure that workers wages are fair and that working conditions are safe for everyone.

America is still the land of opportunity, and yet we hamper our businesses, those from around the world wishing to immigrate legally and our government officials with a confusing, unenforceable and antiquated immigration system. 

The continued inaction by the House Democrats in the face of these problems is frankly mind-boggling, particularly when legislative solutions are so readily available to slow the crisis down and begin the process of meaningful reform. 

As someone who experienced our broken immigration system firsthand, I know what it is like to slog through the miles of red taped required to get through the process. I can tell you it is a problem that can be fixed if the focus is on solutions instead of partisan infighting. 

We need representatives who are willing to dispense with the demagoguery and get to work on solving the immigration problem now.

Let’s start by demanding that…

Congress close the glaring loopholes in the current asylum laws.  They have the power to do it right now!

Congress must stop forcing Immigration and Custom Enforcement Agents to release illegal immigrants into the country knowing full well many will not return to court.

Support the President’s effort to add more immigration courts at the border with qualified judges so that asylum seekers can have their cases heard quickly by an immigration judge and, if they enter as a family, remain together during the adjudication process.

Congress must fund the completion of the entire barrier system on our southern border in accordance with ALL Customs and Border Patrol stipulations utilizing a combination of state-of-the-art fencing, aerial surveillance systems and additional personnel to keep the border regions free of drug traffickers, human smugglers and other criminal incursions.