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I am running for Congress to help tackle some of the critical issues facing our country, like comprehensive immigration reform, rising healthcare costs, and education innovation.

As an immigrant, I have experienced firsthand the problems with our current immigration system.  I am confident that with some common sense, and the use of advanced technology, we can legally make the system simpler, more secure and user friendly for Americans and those wishing to immigrate.

Also, I am equally concerned about the move by many Democrats towards a socialist agenda.  I have personally experienced “democratic socialism” as a former citizen of the European Union. I can tell you unequivocally that it does not work. I know the costs and problems associated with this kind of system and the toll it exacts on working people.  I would like to add my unique perspective to the immigration reform process, while helping to keep our system as free and unencumbered by overreaching government as possible.   

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